Available in person, via telephone, or online via Zoom or Skype.



One-on-one sessions are available to assist you in getting unstuck, pointing you in the right direction, or taking you to the next level.

Take a class privately when individualized attention is preferable, or group classes don't fit into your busy schedule.


Reprogram those negative, destructive, or limiting concepts and beliefs that are held at core levels of your being. When your beliefs change, so does your reality. Rewrite your code and experience life as you desire!

A Quickening healing will gently, safely, and permanently transmute those harmful concepts, belief systems and thought patterns that are stored at subconscious, unconscious, cellular, chakra, ancestral and soul levels to ones that serve your highest good.

For example, if you have been trying to quit smoking unsuccessfuly, a QT can help change those beliefs so you may succeed.

Quickening Transmutations available:

  • Money & Cash

  • Love, Sex & Intimacy

  • Self Harm & Suicide

  • Addiction

  • Success

  • Anger & Rage

Have a particular issue that's negatively affecting your life? A customized Quickening Transmutation can be written for you targeting your specific issue.


Clearing and cleansing of your energetic field and subtle bodies. Various extractions, alignments, and repairs are implemented for your peace, sanity, and wellbeing.


An ancient Mayan Shamanic healing technique, utilizing specific dimensions and frequency, where energy and light is channeled and sent into the body, allowing the energy of dis-ease to be released and replaced and the possibility for the body to return to its natural state of wellness. 

This is a powerful energetic healing for physical and nonphysical issues from cancer, cataracts, depression, and more!


Energetic clearing and cleansing of physical space, such as a home or business. During this process 16 different extractions, alignments, and healings are applied. I have been doing property clearings from the age of 9.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about these services.

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