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The Next Step In Your Spiritual Evolution



Dimensional Mastery, an in-depth seminar of the Mayan Curanderos Traditions, by Starr Fuentes with Jen Chun and Renee Landers.

As the planet continues to raise in vibrational frequency, the time has come for the human race to let go of old world paradigms and limitations, and shed the misbelief of impossibility.

Receive the initiations and sacred teachings on the 144 Dimensions, the places and spaces where, as wisdom keepers of old knew, physical plane laws cease to exist. In this 30 day intensive course of self mastery, discover new facets of who you really are, transform what no longer serves you, break your limits, expand your possibilities, and embrace an advanced state of being.


When:  August thru September, 2021.

Location:  USA.

Investment:  $11,000 USD.

Includes: Daily training and study, initiations, downloads, handbooks, room and board. Travel expenses and visa excluded.

Join us and experience the impossible made possible!

Sandy Beach
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