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The Next Step In Your Evolution



Dimensional Mastery, an in-depth seminar of the Mayan Curanderos Traditions, by Starr Fuentes with Jen Chung, Carolin Cordes, and Inge Koegl in Germany.

As the planet continues to raise in vibrational frequency, the time has come for the human race to let go of old world paradigms and limitations, and shed the misbelief of impossibility.

Receive the initiations and sacred teachings on the 144 Dimensions, the places and spaces where, as wisdom keepers of old knew, physical plane laws cease to exist. In this 30 day intensive course of self mastery, discover new facets of who you really are, transform what no longer serves you, break your limits, expand your possibilities, and embrace an advanced state of being.

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When:  Nov 9 thru Dec 8, 2019.

Location:  Castle Klink, Germany.

Investment:  $11,000 USD / €11,000 EUR.

Includes: Daily training and study, initiations, downloads, handbooks, room and board. Travel expenses and visa excluded.

Join us and experience the impossible made possible!

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Carolin Cordes is 25th generation master teacher in the lineage with Master Curandera Starr Fuentes. In her clients Carolin invokes clarity for their earthly and divine destiny. With kindness she opens layer upon layer of blockages and obstacles, and frees what is hindered or frozen. Her knowledge and wisdom are rooted in her presence as health practitioner and physiotherapist as well.

Carolin’s teaching style in seminars and workshops gets amazing comments. Participants love her graceful thoroughness. Carolin offers individual sessions, business coaching and great classes as Dimensional Mastery, Divine Intervention, The 7 Lost Lights, Light Language and other wonderful subtle energy techniques.
Carolin lives ancient teaching and is a modern world woman. Her life model is multifaceted as business woman, renowned lineage teacher, mother and having a 20 year long partnership with her husband.



Jen Chung is a spiritual counselor, healer, and educator. Her mission in life is to understand, create, and inspire metanoia (profound spiritual transformation) and healing. With patience and conscientiousness, and a talent for hearing the unspoken, Jen is an earnest companion to anyone who wishes to engage in the glorious pursuit of understanding self and the universe.

Jen's many trainings and certifications include advanced energetic healing modalities such as Dimensional Mastery, Mayan Divine Intervention, and Quickening Transmutation. With a natural ability to sense people's emotions and energies, Jen has been healing others for over 35 years, doing energetic house clearings since the age of nine, and teaching from the age of 13. She has since been providing instruction and facilitating healing, soul connection, and metamorphosis to individuals and groups around the world.

Jen currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and loves Latin dance, good food, and masterfully hand-made objects.


Inge Koegl, holistic life consultant, celebrates 15 years as coach and international instructor of Light Language, Divine Intervention, emotional education and many other seminars she is qualified to teach.

Her motto is: “Being human in a universe of change motivates to explore and expand”. Her foundations are the lineage teachings provided by Master Curandera Starr Fuentes, cherished spiritual master teacher and renewed book author. Inge Kögl, former editor of postgraduate medicine in Germany, looked for a miracle for herself, when she met Selena Rodriguez, master catalyst and celebrated international seminar leader. With Selena as teacher she connected into the beauty and nurturing of subtle energy work and apprenticeship with Starr Fuentes. 2003 Inge became Divine Intervention teacher, attended Dimensional Mastery with Starr and Selena, and completed Light Language teachers training. 2007/2008 she enjoyed the privilege to live and study with Starr at Hot Springs/AR.


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